For those of you that receive my blog via e-mail or read my blog regularly will know that this is a post I have done in the past.

Dry Ingredients.
Self raising flour - Use plain flour with  baking powder. (1 tsp per 100g)
Baking Powder - two parts cream of tartar to one part Bicarbonate of Soda
Bicarbonate of Soda - use Baking powder but double the amount
oat flour - Use a food processor and ground oats
All spice - 1 part ground ginger, 1 part ground cloves, 2 parts cinnamon

Fats and Dairy
Lard - white vegetable fat
Butter - use a spread. Margarine works well for pastry and cakes but avoid if making butter cream
Single cream - mix half double cream and half milk
Creme Fraiche and Sour cream-  use plain yoghurt
Butter milk - use milk with a squeeze of lemon juice. When making this leave for about 15 - 20 minutes before use.

Sugar, etc
Molasses - mix half treacle and half golden syrup together
Corn syrup - liquid glucose
Vanilla pods - vanilla paste/extract/essence. I use 1 tsp of paste and 1 tbsp of extract/essence per pod
Caster sugar - blitz some caster sugar in a food processor
Soft brown - use half dark and half caster.

If you know any more please feel free to post a comment letting us all know. Thank you I hope this helps you some.

Happy Baking

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