Blog Roll

Just thought I would share with you all the a list of blogs and websites that I follow. Sorry It is rather a long List and I do recommend that you have a look at these blogs and websites.

A Baking Busy Mum Another mummy of 4 children who loves to bake. The thinsg she does bake not only look delicious but sound it to.
A Piece of Cake?  Jessica received a cook book just after Christmas (2012) has been baking since.
A Triffle Rushed This blog is just not about cakes but also about the food she makes.
bakery cottage If you live in Melton Mowbray you are bound to have brought some thing from her stall on market day. Fantastic person and fantastic baker. Follow her on face book for more of her delicious bakes
Baking Craze. This is Rita blog. She is new to blogging and will be blogging about baking and cooking. She will also has a tips page.
Beesteas This blog is one of the reasons why I started blogging. She is also a fantastic baker, I know this as I got to try her poppy seed and lemon biscuits during the cookie swap.
Belleau Kitchen London boy who has moved to the country who loves to cook.
Bloggy Moms a community of mums who blog.
Bubble and sweet Author of sweets on a stick and fantastic blogger.
Butterfly North ~ Diary of a Home Baker follow her and her adventures of baking at home.
The Botanical Baker. Urvashi from The Great Bristish Bake Off.
Cookie Crazie Anything about cookies this is the place to go.
Country Cook an amazing blog fantastic recipe.
Cupcakes In Yorkshire is doing a Great British bake off challenge. Follow her through her as conquers her fears.
Foxy Foods Baking and cooking her food and bakes always look so fresh and yummy.
Fuss Free Flavours
Goddess on a budget Not just about cooking but growing to.
Haniela's For how to's on cupcake decorating and cookies this is another blog to go to.
I want to bake Free Follow David on his journey starting up his own Buisness
International Food One of the reasons I love this site is because I can get some German recipes from here and those of you that know me Know that some of my family are German.
It's not just about the recipe This one is new to me, She popped up on my face book page a few days ago and since then I have been catching up on what she has blogged and I enjoy reading it.
Jo's Blue Aga Jo from The Great British Bake Off
Julie Bradhen this is another site I discovered during the cookie swap. I was lucky enough to get some cookies from Julie. (the cookies did not last long)
Kate Makes Cake Another person bitten bay the baking bug, she also has a baking list of what she would love to bake some of which are things she has never tried before.
La Difference Catering Follow Dor and her love for baking and cooking. xx
Love for spice This is a new blog and Blogger. She is actually a friend who I used to go to school with. Her food sounds and looks Delicious I know I will be giving these ago, well not until after my baby is born but there is nothing stopping me making some of these delicious recipes for my partner who just love spicy food the hotter the better.
Maison Cupcakes Author of bake me I am yours and fantastic blogger with lots of recipes.
Mia's Domain Now this is one you do not want to miss she is a fantastic lady and her food always makes my mouth water.
Munchkin Munchies
My Daddy Cooks
Nylah's She is new to blogging. May this year. Pop over to her facebook page to see all her fantastic bakes.
Nellys Cupcakes Those of you who love watching Eric Landlard, I do, would know that this lovely lady was lucky enough to film with him and have him taste some of her tarts. Even though her title says cupcakes it is not all she bakes. She also has a list of things she would like to bake and crosses them off when she has.
One Cake A day
Ordinary Parent A blog devoted to the journey of parent hood with tips on how to make baby food. There are bits for expactent parents, lessons learned, Farther hood and motherhood.
Preheat the Oven.  Jason from The Great British Bake off
Rising to the Berry This lovely lady Anneliese is baking her way through Mary Berry's cook book. Join her and see how she gets on with the recipes
Sam's Kitchen. This is definitely a blog to follow. She is a fantastic baker and I just love her blog.
Self raising Flour. Baking her way through Mary Berry baking Bible.
Soup Tuesdays  I came across this blog thanks to the great cookie swap, for witch I am grateful as I just love reading their stuff.
Stressy Mummy A busy mum of 4 who talks about every thing but all in a good way.
Suses Koestlichkeiten again a new one for me, again Germany but this one brings back lots of happy memories from when I lived there.
the cupcake queen Another mum who runs a coffee shop in Stafford.
the decorated cookie another place to go to for how to's and supplies for all your cookie needs.
The Pink Whisk. Ruth from the Great British Bake off
Time to cook on Line. Mary-Anne from The great British Bake off
Utterly Scrummy Food for families For healthy and quick meals .
united cakedom
Weekly Bake Off Sets you a challenge each week and pics a winner. I also was lucky enough to try some of her baking. Again through the cookie swap.
What Kate Baked. Follow Kate on her Trial and tribulations while she bakes to satisfy her sweet tooth.
where are my knees. This blog is done by five people all of which give you information on healthy eating and dieting.
Yasmin Limbert. from the Great British Bake off.
Yellow Bee Cake Company. Follow her on face book to see all the delicious things to make and some how to's. She also does work shops.
Yummeelicious. This is a new blog for me, but the recipes I have come across so far are delicious.


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