About Me

Hello and Welcome to my Blog.

My name is Michelle Atherton, I do prefer to be called Shelly.
 I am a stay at home mum and I have 4 wonderful children the oldest was born in 2007. I also have 3 step children.

I live in UK. 
In a town called Melton Mowbray which is supposed to be famous for Melton Mowbray pork Pies ( which I never heard of until I moved here) I used to live in Germany when I was a child and my dad's job ( British Army) brought us over here in the early 1990's and we have been here since. 

 I started baking when I was a teenager always using the boxes of cake mix. My first proper cake that I made was a basic sponge with strawberry and cream filling but I forgot the strawberries, then I got onto banana loafs and that was it until I moved in with my partner and then I would bake an odd cake when his children would visit, but it did take me until this year to find I have a passion for it, so I have started teaching myself things so nearly every couple of days I am finding myself in our kitchen baking and just giving them away. I was even brave enough to make some cakes for my sons sports day.
So I am going to pass on the things that I have learnt or making.
I have also started foraging so I will be adding this onto the blog asvwell. 

So I dont only collect baking books but I collect cook books to. I, well I mean me and my partner, have a book shelf dedicated to just cook books I have even had to get rid of a few as it was over flowing with them. I also have some hidden in our side board.

The pink folder and the ones that are on ring binders are notes, well I say notes really they are recipes that I have messed about with. I am a firm believer that recipes are guidelines only and are there for us to make our own.
I also Believe in getting my children into the kitchen and learning to bake as well as cook (the cooking part I leave to my partner as his food always taste better than mine) which is some thing I never did with my mum.

This is why in some of my pictures you may notice little hands or pictures of them doing things. You might notice that at times we are in our dining room doing decorating or prep, this is because my kitchen is a shoe box. 
Happy Baking


  1. Dear Shelly,
    I have recently found your beautiful blog and I must tell you that I have already "pined" half of your delicious recipes on my Pinterest board! :) The reason I am contacting you today is to ask your permission to put a link and a brief comment/ personal opinion about your blog on a page I am designing for mine (you can check it out here www.boxofstolensocks.com ) . Mine is not exactly a food blog, more like a diary of all the things that interest me, but I have posted a few recipes.
    Reading your posts brings back memories of the years I spent in the UK way back when I was a student!!!

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