Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How to make a basic cake pop stand

I do not own a proper cake pop stand, I will do when I get round to ordering one, and our egg box was full so I decided to make one.

What you need:
An empty box. Not to deep use a cake pop stick to measure it. I used a Belvita box.
some scrap paper
masking tape
cake pop stick
wrapping paper to decorate (if wanted I didn't)

What you do:
put your scrap paper inside your empty box.

tape up the box and then tape up the whole of  the box.

using the ruler mark out your holes.
I did them at a space of 5 cm apart at the top then the next line in did a diganal 6cm from the top hole
Use your scissors and make a hole in each marking. Do not put the scissors all the way through just the tip or your hole will end up to big.

Use your cake pop stick to make sure the hole is big enough

you now have a cake pop stand.

Happy Baking

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