Saturday, 31 March 2012

How to make a Teddy Bear out of Foundant/Icing/sugar paste

I use a small cake board for sitting my figures on as if a I just work with out checking the size I tend to make them to large.
To make this how to I have used some old icing that needed to go in the bin so sorry about the cracks.
As I can not give you the exact sizes you need mess about with it, you do not need to use water to stick it all together until you are happy with it.

What you need:
ready made icing/foundant/sugar paste
Food colouring of your choice
Ball tool
tooth pick

What you do:
Dye your icing/foundant/sugar paste your desired colour. Knead until it is soft and pliable
you need to roll out a large ball and make it into a cone shape. This will be it's body. Flatten the top of the body so that the head can sit on it without falling off.

Then roll out a small ball. This will be it's head.

then you need two really small balls, flatten these with your fingers, these need to be the same size. These will be its ears.

Use the ball tool to make slight indents into them 
A small ball, flatten this with your fingers. This will be it's snout.

Then get another small ball and stick this onto the snout, using a small amount of water, this will be it's nose
using a small amount of water stick on the ears.
Using the ball tool slightly push in on the head above the snout to make the eyes.

Then using a tooth pick draw on the mouth.
using a small amount of water stick the head onto the body.

You then need a thick sausage shape, cut into two pieces. These will be it's legs
Flatten the at on side, the flatten bit you then need to wet very lightly with water and attach this to the body. 

 Using the ball tool make an indent for the feet.
You then need a thinner sausage shape, cut into two pieces. These will be it's arms. Again flatten down one side so that you can stick this to the body.
Again using the ball toll make indents for the hands.
I find that using different colours makes the bear look better.

Happy Baking


  1. Great tip. My children will love this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. you are welcome, I will posting one for a train as soon as my blog lets me upload the pics.

  3. That was really awesome! Thank you for the wonderful idea!Now I can spend more time in the kitchen with my children and show them the wonderful art of baking!

  4. Oh, soooo adorable! <3 Love the tutorial! I will try making these. I just hope it wouldn't turn out like a pig in my hands. Pig is still cute, though.

  5. I hope that it goes well for you. Piggy's are cute. xx

  6. LOVE that you're doing this! What a great idea.