Sunday, 16 March 2014


Just wanted to say a big sorry for not being on here for ages.
Life at the minute is very hectic with baby number 5, she was born early February. I also have had to put a hold on all baking as my son has had a few health issues which turns out to be Coeliac Disease which is basically anything containing gluten makes him poorly. So now I know what I can and cant use for baking.
So today is the first time I have baked anything since October last year. I have tried to make some bread weather it tastes good or not is yet to be decided as it is sat cooling. I must admit it does look and smell good but we still have to do the taste test.
So you will now see a Gluten free (Coeliac friendly) tab on my blog I will still do normal baking from time to time but anything that is gluten free will be on this new tab. Also I wont be using any oat based products until my sons Dietition says it is ok as he is not allowed them even the gluten free range.

Happy Baking